Wednesday, 01 September 2021

Meeting of the "RW Management" section of the Scientific and Technical Council was arranged at FEO

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August 31, 2021  a meeting of the RW Management section of the Scientific and Technical Council of FEO was held under the chairmanship of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor O.A. Gorbunova.

The head of the laboratory of physical chemistry of media purification of JSC "State Research Center of the Russian Federation - IPPE" A.M. Posazhennikov introduced a report on the development of a pilot plant for the processing of metal radioactive waste by the method of induction remelting under a layer of flux. Project manager for the processing of metal radioactive waste of LLC NPO DIAPROK K.V. Ovchinnikov presented a report on the prospects for industrial implementation and commercialization of new solutions in technologies for the processing of metal radioactive waste.

The branches of the Privolzhsky Territorial District of FEO and the North-Western Territorial District of FEO joined the work of the section via video conferencing.

The speakers were asked numerous questions, and a lively discussion arose. Members of the section and invited participants of the meeting took part in the discussion:

  • First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer V.N. Kovalenko;
  • Deputy General Director for the of Radioactive Materials and Radioactive Waste Management at the Enterprise, Ph.D. S.N. Brykin;
  • Counselor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor O.A. Gorbunova;
  • Deputy Director for Radiation Safety and Radioactive Waste Management of the Leningrad Branch of the North-Western Territorial District subsidiary of FEO A.V. Plotnikov;
  • Deputy Director for Development of the Privolzhsky Territorial District subsidiary of FEO, Ph.D. A.V. Golubev;
  • Head of the Inspection Control Service for NRHF and Quality, Ph.D. A.E. Volkov;
  • Head of the Department for Development and Overseas Business D.A. Kucherov;
  • Technology Project Manager of the Design and Technology Group I.G. Voronko;
  • Head of the sector of JSC "Center for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology", Ph.D. V.V. Petukhov;
  • Head of the Laboratory of Liquid Metal Technologies of JSC "SSC RF - IPPE", Ph.D., Associate Professor R.Sh. Askhadullin.

The Scientific and Technical Council noted the relevance of the development and recommended to continue the work, focusing on the issues of design study of technological equipment, including nodes for preliminary fragmentation and loading, gas cleaning, replacement of consumables, ensuring radiation safety of personnel, assessing the formation of secondary radioactive waste, as well as the need for a thorough preliminary experimental study of a number of characteristics that significantly affect the economy and efficiency of the proposed technology.