Quality Policy

Leadership as a Strategic Goal

RosRAO’s strategic goal regarding performance of the state policy concerning providing nuclear and radiation security intends RF leadership in the spheres of::

  • Complex radioactive waste management;
  • Services to operators (including decommissioning of nuclear facilities);
  • Disposal of decommissioned nuclear-powered submarines.

Security as a Priority of the Policy

Providing security by nuclear operations is a priority for RosRAO’s Quality Policy.

RosRAO maintains, as a vital working condition for each and every employee and department, the quality of works performed that provides::

  • Complex radioactive waste management solutions;
  • Nuclear security of the spent nuclear fuel and nuclear substances;
  • Radiation security throughout all stages of nuclear legacy and re-produced RW management;
  • Security for staff, population and the environment..

Sustainable Development

RRosRAO enhances its competitiveness at complex RW management market due to sustainable refining of the works quality which allows to run business at an international level.

A vital aspect of RosRAO’s quality policy is regarding quality as a permanent process of perfection of the technologies, technical and management systems and processes aimed at efficiency and financial sustainability of the company as well as successful performance.

RosRAO’s activity is based on modern approach to radioactive waste management aimed at reduction of radiation impact on people and the environment by adoption of the best world practices in the field of radioactive waste management security.

Focus on Customers

RosRAO a customer-friendly company which understands clearly their current and future needs and thus answers all their requirements and strives to exceed all their expectations.  ориентировано на своих потребителей, понимает их текущие и будущие потребности, выполняет их требования и стремится превзойти их ожидания. RosRAO is a high-professional, responsible and reliable partner.

Management Commitment

RosRAO’s top management commits as follows:

  • Comply with the requirements of RF legislation as well as nuclear standards;
  • Boost up the efficiency of Quality Management in order to enhance the quality at all work stages and further compliance with standards ISO 9001, all-Union Standard ISO 9001, RS all-Union Standard 0015-002-2012;
  • Encourage the staff to perfect the work quality as well as skill improvement which is a way to efficient development of the company;
  • Follow the Quality Policy by taking decisions as well as keep its applicability.