About Us


Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Radioactive Waste Management Enterprise «RosRAO» is a specialized company that arranges radioactive waste (RW) management all over the Russian Federation.

Company provides a full range of services concerning radioactive waste management, including its collection, transportation, processing, conditioning and storage of low- and middle-activity waste as well as management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste accumulated within the activities of the RF Navy and produced within decommissioning of nuclear-powered submarines and surface vessels with nuclear power units.  RosRAO performs radiation monitoring and rehabilitates the contaminated areas.

Another vital issue being resolved by RosRAO is to refine nuclear and radiation security in the Russian Federation, which includes:

  • Perfection of the modern technological infrastructure due to modernization of the existing elements and creation of the new ones;
  • Development of the full-cycle technological facilities in order to receive the disposable conditioned RW forms;
  • RW management cost optimization;
  • Modernization of the specialized vehicles for RW transportation and radio-ecological monitoring.RosRAO includes 8 subsidiaries that in their turn control the activities of 19 branches having production sites all over the territory of the Russian Federation.

RosRAO is a State Corporation Rosatom company and thus contributes both to its research and development processes and to the worldwide patterns of standardization and regulation of the radioactive waste management.

RosRAO today intends:

  • Half-a-century experience of safe and secure RW management;
  • Unique experience in decommissioning of nuclear-powered submarines including resolution of non-standard technical issues caused by extraordinary operational challenges;
  • Well-developed infrastructure with extensive coverage;
  • Technical and technological opportunities and capacities;
  • High-skilled staff;
  • Instant cooperation with the largest nuclear research institutions and engineering companies in Russia and abroad.

RosRAO’s businesses are aimed at instant quality increase, adoption of the ideas of energy efficiency and ecological compatibility as well as innovation-based development. RosRAO runs business in full compliance with the regulations of RF legislation and nuclear industry standards.