Ecological Policy

RosRAO’s strategic goal is RF leadership  in the field of:

  • Complex radioactive waste management;
  • Provision of services to the operators (including decommissioning of the nuclear facilities);
  • Disposal of the decommissioned nuclear-powered submarines;
  • Rehabilitation of radiation hazardous facilities and contaminated areas.

RosRAO’s major priority alongside with economic efficiency is environmental protection.

By planning and performing ecological activities, RosRAO’s board assumes the following responsibilities

  • Environmental protection taking into consideration ecological, economic and social interests of RosRAO, State Corporation Rosatom, the Russian Federation and presumption of the ecological hazard of any production activities considering the background of the company;
  • At all stages of the company activities to determine, identify and systematize possible ecological downsides of RosRAO’s businesses in order to estimate and reduce the ecological risks;
  • Provide the compliance of RosRAO’s production activities with legal and other requirements and standards in the sphere of security and environmental protection;
  • Perfect the ecological management system in order to improve ecological indicators of the activities;
  • Provide environmental protection activities with proper resources including staff, finance, technologies and equipment;
  • Provide transparency and availability of reliable and scientifically proven data on RosRAO’s impact on the environment and health of staff and citizens;
  • Provide instant readiness of the staff and the board to prevent and recover the consequences of the radiation accidents, disasters and other natural and man-made emergency situations.