Nuclear Legacy Management

The enterprise conducts operations connected with handling of spent nuclear fuel and RW accumulated from naval activities and formed at decommissioning of nuclear submarines and nuclear-powered surface ships as well as operations on environmental rehabilitation of radiation-hazardous sites.

Within the framework of decommissioning NPS and nuclear maintenance ships RosRAO solves a number of complicated matters:

  • Safe storage of reactors of decommissioned nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) and nuclear maintenance ships removed from naval forces.
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated sites and premises of branches of the enterprise.
  • Construction of complexes (buildings and structures) meant for implementing nuclear and radiation works for managing spent fuel and RW.
  • Preparation of production for forming single-unit reactor from multiple-unit blocks at long storage repository site.
  • Expansion of plant facilities for securing formation of reactor compartments, utilization of NPS and nuclear maintenance ships.
  • Maintenance of buildings, sites and facilities by managing spent fuel and RW.
  • Storage of spent fuel and RW in coastal repositories of the enterprise.
  • Maintenance of facility infrastructure, providing it with utilities, transport and communication.
  • Providing nuclear and radiation safety by managing spent fuel and RW.